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What Is Informatics?

INFORMATICS studies the application of information technology to practically any field, while considering its impact on individuals, organizations, and society. It uses computation as a universal tool to solve problems in other fields, to communicate, and to express ideas.

The ability to handle vast amounts of information cheaply has changed the way we live. Advances in computing power, the World Wide Web, search engines, and large-scale collaborative initiatives like Wikipedia have revolutionized the way knowledge is created and shared. We have new forms of social interaction — from email, IM, and blogs to eBay, Facebook, and YouTube — and collaborative art and entertainment — from Limewire and podcasts to Guitar Hero and Second Life.

Information technology (IT) has become a ubiquitous, indispensable component of our everyday lives, helping — or hindering — us as we manage information, create knowledge, and make decisions.


  • Collaboration – wikis, Wikipedia, genome projects
  • Social – email, IM, blogs, Facebook, Twitter
  • Art – animation, virtual reality, electronic music
  • Entertainment – podcasts, games, YouTube, iTunes
  • Ethics – Privacy, downloading of digital content
  • Communication – Web, user interfaces, wireless
  • Data – Pattern analysis, data mining, visualization, simulation, search
  • GIS – Google Earth, mapping, location-aware applications
  • Business – eCommerce, eBay, PayPal, targeted advertising

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