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Informatics programs

The discipline of Informatics studies the application of information technology to practically any field, while considering its impact on individuals, organizations, and society. It uses computation as a universal tool to solve problems in other fields, to communicate, and to express ideas.
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INFORMATICS has an interdisciplinary research, education, and community engagement mission that spans the entire campus. We support and encourage research projects and education programs that involve applications of computing and information in areas from the natural sciences, engineering and business to the humanities and social sciences. Informatics is part of the SCHOOL OF INFORMATION SCIENCES, which is recognized for its excellence in programs and research that address contemporary issues at the intersection of people, information, and technology.

Find your future in informatics

Innovations in computing and connectivity are revolutionizing the way knowledge is created and shared — from advances in computer power to the World Wide Web; from search engines, social networking, and mobile technology to geographic information systems and large-scale collaborative initiatives. Take advantage of the unique resources and opportunities at the University of Illinois to level-up your skills and understanding in new and powerful ways.
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