Informatics PhD Alum Juan Alfonso de la Rosa Munar named Dean of the College of Arts, Architecture and Design of Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL), Bogota

Dr.  Juan Alfonso de la Rosa Munar has been named Dean of the College of Arts, Architecture and Design of Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL), Bogota, for a two-year term (2022 – 2024).  UNAL is the largest public university in Colombia and is consistently ranked as one of the top institutions in the country.  Juan received his PhD in Informatics at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in August 2022 under the advisorship of Dr. Stan Ruecker (School of Art & Design).  The title of his dissertation is “Multilayer Future System-Mapping Using Decentered Prototypes: A Participatory Tool for Design of Public Infrastructure in Complex Social Environments”.  

Prior to being named Dean he was a faculty member and the academic coordinator of the undergraduate program in Graphic Design.  He was also the coordinator of the Masters in Design Research and co-coordinator of the Network of Ethics, Culture, Creativity, Science, Technology and Innovation for the Peace in Colombia created by UNAL. 


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