Hans Muller Paul Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Hans Muller Paul successfully defended his dissertation, “DEVELOPMENT AND APPLICATION OF MACHINE LEARNING TOOLS FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF ENERGY CROP GENETIC MANIPULATION USING CRISPER/CAS TECHNOLOGY” on August 15th and will graduate December 2022.

Program Area: Bioinformatics

Research: My research focus is on how we can use machine learning approaches to improve the quality of current bioinformatics techniques. Specifically, I have developed a software tool that employs machine learning for genome editing studies with CRISPR systems, and I am currently working on a potential implementation of deep learning to improve CRISPR/Cas guide RNA prediction through biochemical and biophysical features, at the atomic level. I have previously worked with the human gut microbiome and their role in dietary fiber degradation, and prior to that I have an 8-year work experience with Biomass degradation and fermentation-related research, both at the academic and industry levels.


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