University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Graduate Courses

Department Number Title
Animal Sciences ANSC 447 Quantitative genetics
Animal Sciences ANSC 542 Applied bioinformatics
Animal Sciences ANSC 545 Statistical Genomics
Architecture ARCH 423 Soc/Beh Factors for Design
Art-Design ARTD 501 (I-VI) Industrial Design
Art-Studio ARTS 443 Time Arts II
Art-Studio ARTS 444 Interactivity II
Art-Studio ARTS 449 Senior Seminar in New Media
Art-Studio ARTS 450 Advanced Studio I (new media)
Art-Studio ARTS 451 Advanced Studio II (new media)
Art-Studio ARTS 591 Graduate Studio
Art-Studio ARTS 595 Graduate Laboratory
Bioengineering BIOE 598 Computational Cancer Biology
Chemical and Biomolecular Engr CHBE 571 Bioinformatics
Community Health CHLH 527 Statistics in Epidemiology
Communication CMN 529 CS Communication Technologies
Communication CMN 529 MS Social Network Analysis
Communication CMN 529 SP Theory and Research on Collaboration Technologies
Crop Sciences CPSC 541 Regression Analysis
Crop Sciences CPSC 542 Applied Statistical Methods II
Crop Sciences CPSC 558 Quantitative Plant Breeding
Crop Sciences CPSC 565 Perl & UNIX for Bioinformatics
Crop Sciences CPSC 567 Bioinformatics & Systems Biology
Computer Science CS 414 Multimedia Systems
Computer Science CS 418 Interactive Computer Graphics
Computer Science CS 419 Production Computer Graphics
Computer Science CS 427 Software Engineering I
Computer Science CS 438 Communication Networks
Computer Science CS 440 Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science CS 446 Introduction to Bioinformatics
Computer Science CS 465 User Interface Design
Computer Science CS 511 Advanced Data Management
Computer Science CS 512 Data Mining Principles
Computer Science CS 519 Scientific Visualization
Computer Science CS 546 Machine Learning in NLP
Computer Science CS 546 Machine Learning in NLP
Computer Science CS 548 Models of Cognitive Processes
Computer Science CS 558 Topics in Numerical Analysis
Computer Science CS 565 Human-Computer Interaction
Computer Science CS 573 Algorithms
Computer Science CS 598 Advanced Bioinformatics
Computer Science CS 598 KGK Social Computing
Dance DANC 532 Digital Media for Dancers
Dance DANC 550 Advanced Research in Dance
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 417 Multimedia Signal Processing
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 418 Image & Video Processing
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 420 Embedded Digital Signal Processing Lab
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 437 Sensors and Instrumentation
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 439 Wireless Networks
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 453 Wireless Communication Systems
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 470 Introduction to Robotics
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 473 Fundamentals of Engineering Acoustics
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 511 Computer Architecture
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 512 Computer Microarchitecture
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 513 Vector Space Signal Processing
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 517 Nonlinear and Adaptive Control
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 537 Speech Processing Fundamentals
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 544 Topics in Signal Processing
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 547 Topics in Image Processing
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 549 Computer Vision
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 550 Advanced Robotic Planning
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 551 Digital Signal Processing II
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 558 Digital Imaging
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 580 Optimization by Vector Space Methods
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 594 Mathematical Models of Language
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 598 AL The Speech Chain
Electrical and Computer Engr ECE 598 NA Pattern Recognition
Educational Psychology EPSY 580 Statistical Inference in Educ
Educational Psychology EPSY 582 Advanced Statistical Methods
Educational Psychology EPSY 587 Hierarchical Linear Models
Educational Psychology EPSY 588 Covar Struct and Factor Models
Educational Psychology EPSY 589 Categorical Data in Ed/Psyc
Educational Psychology EPSY 590 Advanced Seminar in Ed Psyc
Industrial Engineering IE 510 Applied Nonlinear Programming
Industrial Engineering IE 511 Integer Programming
Industrial Engineering IE 512 Network Analysis of Systems
Informatics INFO 555 Adv Educational Tech for Engagement & Interactive Learning
Information Sciences IS 406 Cognition in the Wild
Information Sciences IS 477 Data Management, Curation & Reproducibility
Information Sciences IS 507 (formerly taught as IS 542) Data, Stat and Info
Information Sciences IS 520 (formerly taught as IS 518) Community Informatics
Information Sciences IS 526 Searching Online Information Systems
Information Sciences IS 547 (formerly taught as IS 531 and IS 590 DC) Foundations of Data Curation
Information Sciences IS 556 Implementation of Information Storage and Retrieval
Information Sciences IS 578 (formerly taught as IS 590DH) Digital Humanities
Information Sciences IS 586 (formerly taught as IS 555) Usability Engineering
Information Sciences IS 590 Self Organizing Information Systems
Information Sciences IS 590 DEL Design of Digitally Mediated Information Services
Information Sciences IS 590 DK Distributed Knowledge
Information Sciences IS 590 EL E-Learning: Social and Technical Issues in E-learning
Information Sciences IS 590 IML Information Modeling
Information Sciences IS 590 IN Information Networks
Information Sciences IS 590 IRR Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing
Information Sciences IS 590 IS Information in Society
Information Sciences IS 590 MD Metadata in Theory and Practice
Information Sciences IS 590 OI Organizations, Information & Technology
Information Sciences IS 590 RC Research Methods for Text Corpora
Information Sciences IS 590 SD Digital Social Sciences
Information Sciences IS 590 SN Social Networks and Information
Information Sciences IS 594D (formerly taught as IS 549) The Economics of Information
Linguistics LING 501 Syntax I
Linguistics LING 502 Phonology I
Linguistics LING 506 Topics in Computational Linguistics
Linguistics LING 507 Formal Semantics I
Linguistics LING 520 Acoustic Phonetics
Linguistics LING 591 Natural Language Semantics
Mathematics MATH 580 Combinatorial Mathematics
Media MDIA 590 New Media Theory
Music MUS 407 Electronic Music Techniques I
Music MUS 409 Electronic Music Techniques II
Music MUS 506 Composition
Music MUS 507 Seminar in Music Composition and Theory
Nutritional Sciences NUTR 511 Regulation of Metabolism
Pathobiology PATH 516 Epidemiology of Infectious Disease
Pathobiology PATH 517 Principles of Epidemiology
Pathobiology PATH 560 Spatial Epidemiology
Political Science PS 519 SA Content Analysis
Political Science PS 530 Quantitative Political Analysis I
Political Science PS 531 Quantitative Political Analysis II
Psychology PSYC 509 Multidimensional Scaling
Psychology PSYC 514 Cognitive Science
Psychology PSYC 588 Covariant Structures and Factor Models
Psychology PSYC 593 CM Connectionist Models in Psychology
Psychology PSYC 593 ML Models of Language Production and Speech Errors
Psychology PSYC 594 Multivar Analysis in Psych and Ed
Statistics STAT 510 Mathematical Statistics I
Statistics STAT 525 Computational Statistics
Statistics STAT 542 Statistical Learning
Statistics STAT 571 Multivariate Analysis
Statistics STAT 578 Topics in Statistics
Statistics STAT 587 Hierarchical Linear Models
Theater THEA 419 CAD Drafting for the Stage
Theater THEA 430 Technical Direction
Theater THEA 437 Software for Lighting Design
Theater THEA 453 Introduction to Theater Sound
Theater THEA 454 Sound Design I
Theater THEA 455 Sound Design II
Theater THEA 550 Colloquium Design & Theater Technology
Urban Planning UP 519 Advanced Applications of GIS