Chang Liu Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Chang Liu successfully defended his dissertation, “SOCIOTECHNICAL MATCHING: FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS AT THE PERIPHERIES OF CHINESE ECONOMIC REFORM” on June 6th and will graduate December 2022. Program Area: Design, Technology, and Society Research:  Chang Liu uses interdisciplinary approaches to study sociotechnical issues concerning labor and digital economy, with a focus on social justice. He is […]

Juan Alfonso de la Rosa Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Juan Alfonso de la Rosa successfully defended his dissertation, “MULTILAYER FUTURE SYSTEM-MAPPING USING DECENTERED PROTOTYPES: A PARTICIPATORY TOOL FOR DESIGN OF PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE IN COMPLEX SOCIAL ENVIRONMENTS” on May 6th. Program Area: Design, Technology, and Society Research:  In my current area of research, I am looking at two major components: first, the use of […]

Mohammad Amanzadeh Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Mohammad Amanzadeh successfully defended his dissertation, “A MATHEMATICAL INTERPRETATION OF HUMAN BODY MOVEMENT” on March 10th and will graduate May 2022. Program Area: Art & Cultural Informatics Research: My primary research interest is on using computing and information science to cooperate in solving the problems of natural sciences through Machine Learning and Scientific […]

Monica Porteanu Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Monica Porteanu successfully defended her dissertation, “DECISION-MAKING FOR A REGENERATIVE SOCIETY:VOICE-BASED EMOTION AI” on February 28th and will graduate May 2022. Program Area: Design, Technology, and Society Research: My research focuses on decision making for the regenerative society. I aim to shape engagements that inspire and drive progress and positive change for individual […]

Ryan Ingebritsen Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Ryan Ingebritsen successfully defended his dissertation, “AUDITORY KINESTHESIA: A FRAMEWORK TO FACILITATE THE DESIGN AND PERFORMANCE OF INTERACTIVE MUSIC SYSTEMS” on February 22nd and will graduate May 2022. Program Areas: Art and Cultural Informatics & Design, Technology, and Society Research: My research is focused on the performance practice of interactive and data driven […]

Yaguang Sun Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Yaguang Sun successfully defended his dissertation, “NEW CHALLENGES FOR SMARTPHONE APPS AMONG CHINESE URBAN OLDER PERSONS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC” on February 4th and will graduate May 2022. Program Area: Design, Technology, and Society Research: I have worked for more than a decade on the influence of advanced technology on design theory development. […]

James Balamuta awarded 2022 Psychometric Society Dissertation Prize

James Balamuta a 2021 Informatics Ph.D. graduate was recently awarded the 2022 Psychometric Society Dissertation Prize for his dissertation “Bayesian Estimation of Restricted Latent Class Models: Extending priors, link functions, and structural models“. The Psychometric Society Dissertation Prize recognizes at most one outstanding Ph.D. dissertation each year, written in any field covered by the journal Psychometrika. Criteria […]

Si Chen Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Si Chen successfully defended her dissertation, ““Urban Informatics Systems Science Using Engaging Interface and Machine Learning in Spatial-temporal Analysis” on December 7th and will graduate May 2022. Program Area: Spacial Informatics Research: My research goal is to combine advanced technology with urban plan-making process to support more reasonable and sustainable planning scenarios. Spatial […]

Informatics Minor Minseok Jung and team win MIT Policy Hackathon

Informatics Minor, Minseok Jung and his team Policy4ALL took first place in the 2021 MIT Policy Hackaton. The 2021 challenge required participants to draft a policy brief on how governments around the world approach moderating online content. Jung and his team took the top prize among 10 teams and over 480 applicants.