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Mark Moran Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Mark Moran successfully defended his dissertation, “STAKEHOLDER REPRESENTATION IN THE CEO’S LETTER TO SHAREHOLDERS” on December 8th and will graduate May 2024. Program Area: Cognitive Science and Language Processing Research: My research is focused on using a range of text-mining techniques to study the content of the Chief Executive’s Annual Letter for large, […]

Thierry Guigma Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Thierry Guigma successfully defended his dissertation, “PLACE OF TWITTER AND GOOGLE SEARCH DATA IN DISEASE OUTBREAK MONITORING AND FORECASTING: CASE OF THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC” on November 15th and will graduate May 2024. Program Area: Health and Medical Informatics  Research: My focus is the strengthening of health information systems by the integration of Big […]

Sam Walkow Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Sam Walkow successfully defended her dissertation, “USING DATA STORIES TO UNDERSTAND SPACIAL MENTAL MODELS OF DATA IN NATURAL SCIENCE DOMAINS: CHARACTERIZING TECHNICAL AND SOCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE” on December 12th and will graduate May 2024. Program Area: Design, Technology and Society   & Data Analytics and Information Visualization Research: I am a PhD student, and part of […]

2nd Year PhD Student David Hopping Helps Develop New Educational App

The new SCAPES educational app is live! Users young and old can download this free game, designed to inspire future farmers to see #solar power in a new light by combining agricultural and energy production. Search for “my agrivoltaic farm” in the iPhone app store or on Google Play for Android devices! The app was […]

Tian Wang Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Tian Wang successfully defended her dissertation, “NAVIGATING THE SOCIAL MEDIA PRIVACY LANDSCAPE: INSIGHT FROM USER EXPERIENCES” on January 26th and will graduate May 2024. Program Area: Design, Technology and Society Research: My research interests are human-agent interaction and information trust, and I am also interested in information privacy. My current study mainly focuses […]

Game Design and VR featuring JODY SPERLING February 13th

Game Studies and Design brings to campus a day of Games, VR and Dance at the Siebel Center for Design in the lower level gallery. Join us on February 13th for the following presentations and activities! Game Studies & Design Speaker 12:30-1:30pm SCD Gallery Sam Glassenberg is the Founder and CEO of Level Ex and […]

Santiago Nunez-Corrales – The Illinois Professional

Santiago Nunez-Corrales a 2020 Informatics PhD graduate was recently highlighted in The Illinois Professional video series as part of an on going champaign from the University HR department. This campaign was created by Illinois Human Resources (IHR) to showcase the value of ALL employees regardless of classification at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  

Unveiling Molecular Secrets: Multidisciplinary Student Teams Develop a Molecule-Making Escape Room

“Lab 217” is a multidisciplinary, collaborative escape room that is designed, fabricated, and run by students in two courses. INFO 418: Makerspace – Escape Rooms, a CUC Fab Lab course taught by Emilie Butt and Duncan Baird, designed and fabricated the puzzles, while students in THEA 591: Designing Immersive Experiences, taught by Amber Dewey Schultz, designed the theme, narrative, and multisensory environment. “Lab 217” is being […]

Don Keefer Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Don Keefer successfully defended his dissertation, “ADVANCING KNOWLEDGE-RICH INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS IN GEOLOGY: RESEARCH ON INTELLIGENT INTEGRATION, REPRESENTATION, AND USE” on October 5th and will graduate December 2023. Program Area: Cognitive Science and Language Processing Research: I am interested in studying knowledge acquisition in the cognitive methods geologists use both when developing conceptual models, […]

Alexis Kim Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Alexis Kim successfully defended her dissertation, “SHAPING VIRTUAL REALITIES: HEURISTICS AND DESIGN PRACTICES FOR SIMULATIONS & GAMES” on October 23rd and will graduate December 2023. Program Area: Design, Technology, and Society Research: My research is focused on using games, currently interactive fiction, to encourage English language acquisition. I am interested in working with […]