10 Years of Teen Open Lab

In collaboration with the Urbana Free Library the CUC Fab Lab is excited to celebrate 10 Years of Teen Open Lab. Teen Open Lab has been operating out of the Urbana Free Library providing after-school activities for middle and high school students since 2013. The space promotes open, creative, self-driven projects that include 3D printers, […]

Playful By Design: Transformative Approaches to Game Studies

Keynote speaker Dr. Judith Pintar will introduce her Playful By Design framework for creating game design programs for positive social impact at the inaugural Playful By Design conference in Portugal. Along with a group of UIUC faculty and representatives from Game Studies and Design the conference will bring together game design educators and companies in […]

Hans Muller Paul Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Hans Muller Paul successfully defended his dissertation, “DEVELOPMENT AND APPLICATION OF MACHINE LEARNING TOOLS FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF ENERGY CROP GENETIC MANIPULATION USING CRISPER/CAS TECHNOLOGY” on August 15th and will graduate December 2022. Program Area: Bioinformatics Research: My research focus is on how we can use machine learning approaches to improve the quality […]

Informatics instructors ranked as excellent

Four Informatics instructors were named in the University’s List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent for Spring 2022. The rankings are released every semester, and results are based on the Instructor and Course Evaluation System (ICES) questionnaire forms maintained by Measurement and Evaluation in the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. Only those instructors who […]

Informatics PhD Alum Juan Alfonso de la Rosa Munar named Dean of the College of Arts, Architecture and Design of Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL), Bogota

Dr.  Juan Alfonso de la Rosa Munar has been named Dean of the College of Arts, Architecture and Design of Universidad Nacional de Colombia (UNAL), Bogota, for a two-year term (2022 – 2024).  UNAL is the largest public university in Colombia and is consistently ranked as one of the top institutions in the country.  Juan received his PhD […]

Fab Lab Open House Today!

Please join us for our two-day Open House on September 9th from 5-10pm & September 10th from 10am– 5pm at the CUC FAB LAB.   Come learn all about what the Fab Lab has to offer you, your family, and your community. With live demos throughout the day come explore some of our new tools like the laser engraver, […]

Game Studies Graduate Minor

The GAME STUDIES GRADUATE MINOR is a set of courses that fosters graduate level critical, theoretical, and methodological approaches to game studies. This degree has been designed for students who have been admitted to the Graduate College in any campus program, whose research or professional interests with the study and design of games, gaming, game […]

Ming Jiang Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Ming Jiang successfully defended her dissertation, “THE INFLUENCE OF OPTICAL CHARACTER RECOGNITION QUALITY ON THE ROBUSTNESS OF REPRESENTATION LEARNING”on August 5th and will graduate December 2022. Program Area: Cognitive Science & Language Processing Research:  I’m interested in natural language processing and data analytics. My research goal is to better understand how humans and […]

Chang Liu Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Chang Liu successfully defended his dissertation, “SOCIOTECHNICAL MATCHING: FURNITURE MANUFACTURERS AT THE PERIPHERIES OF CHINESE ECONOMIC REFORM” on June 6th and will graduate December 2022. Program Area: Design, Technology, and Society Research:  Chang Liu uses interdisciplinary approaches to study sociotechnical issues concerning labor and digital economy, with a focus on social justice. He is […]

Juan Alfonso de la Rosa Defends Dissertation

Doctoral Candidate Juan Alfonso de la Rosa successfully defended his dissertation, “MULTILAYER FUTURE SYSTEM-MAPPING USING DECENTERED PROTOTYPES: A PARTICIPATORY TOOL FOR DESIGN OF PUBLIC INFRASTRUCTURE IN COMPLEX SOCIAL ENVIRONMENTS” on May 6th. Program Area: Design, Technology, and Society Research:  In my current area of research, I am looking at two major components: first, the use of […]